Make a Halloween Word Search With These 3 Tips

Halloween word search

Halloween is right around the corner, which means candy, costumes, and fun! A Halloween word search can make a great addition to your holiday, whether you’re having a party or just want something to do while you chow down on candy.

And sure, you could just download a pre-made word search, but why not use our word search maker to create your own? Head on over if you’re ready to make one now! If you’ve never done it, no worries – let us help you with these tips for making an amazing Halloween word search.


1. Choose a Shape and Size

The shape and size of your puzzle will affect its difficulty, but it can also heighten the fun. A pumpkin always makes a great option, but you could also choose a house or a moon for some other Halloween-like designs. Some shapes have less room for words, making the words easier to find. Play around with some shapes to see what you might enjoy.

Once you have your shape, you will want to choose the size of your puzzle, and what direction the words will go in. A smaller puzzle will require a shorter list of words, meaning more overlap for the words you do select. And the more directions your words can go in, the more difficult your puzzle will be.


2. Select Your Words

The words themselves are the best part of almost any word search. It’s so satisfying to find those tiny words squished in a corner, or the big words that seem to hide in plain sight. Plus, there’s nothing like entering your first word and seeing it show up in your puzzle for the first time.

First, start with one or two words as you make your puzzle. A simple beginning can get the ideas flowing. You may find as you go along that you want to focus your puzzle on one element of Halloween (like the candy or costumes). Choose as many words as you’d like – you can always shorten the list later.

Personal words add a special thrill to the puzzle. For example, add the names of guests attending your Halloween party (if applicable), favorite local trick-or-treating spots, words pertaining to cherished Halloween memories, and more. Related words might also include the names of your favorite candy, costumes you love, Halloween decorations, favorite Halloween movies or TV episodes, and any other words you associate with the evening.

Then you can truly decide on the size and difficulty. Remember, words with double letters or common letter combinations (like “qu”) will be easier to find than other words. You can use this knowledge to alter the difficulty of your puzzle more easily.


3. Share Your Puzzle

There’s a number of ways you can enjoy your Halloween word search once you’ve made it. The most obvious way is to print it out and give it to others to solve. If you’re using your word search for a party, decorate your printout by choosing colored paper, or cutting it out into the shape of your puzzle. For example, a pumpkin-shaped word search could be printed on orange paper and cut out into the shape of a pumpkin.

If you’d rather not print out your puzzle, you can also share the link with your friends and family through email or social media. Remember, you don’t need to send them a PDF; your loved ones can download one for themselves from the link if they choose. However, if you do send a PDF, make sure to send them an answer key as well. Or if you’re planning a party for a large group, such as for a community or church event, you can even put the puzzle on the group’s website to solve online!

Get inspired by this great example of a unique Halloween word search one clever teacher made. She selected a list of Halloween songs, then used the word search as an extra credit opportunity for her students. How fun!


For more ideas, browse the Halloween Word Search Puzzles section of My Word Search. You can do the same with our crossword puzzle maker as well. Then go ahead and make your own Halloween word search with our word search maker or a crossword with our crossword puzzle maker!

When you make a Halloween word search, it adds a special activity to the holiday, or any holiday for that matter. Be sure to follow our blog and our social media accounts to stay tuned for more ways to use word searches during the upcoming holidays.


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