14 Great Tweets About Word Searches

tweets about word searches

Twitter might not be the first social media platform people think of when it comes to word searches. After all, it’s so easy to share puzzles with friends on Facebook, and Pinterest is full of word search printables. But as these tweets demonstrate, any word search fan can find a community on Twitter. Here are some recent great tweets about word searches.

Work is important… but this is understandable.

How do you solve your printed word searches? Let us know in the comments!

These are known as “decoy words” or “red herrings.” They’re not fun, but they can improve your spelling.

There probably would have been had they visited Crossword Hobbyist!


Doctors and researchers support this statement. By giving an anxious person a source of “positive stress” to redirect their anxiety, it can calm it.

We don’t have an answer to that, but we do have this great Mamma Mia! word search for you! #worldscollide

Both of these stories are so sweet!


Did you know that nostalgia is good for you? Boost your health with more word searches!

Mr. McGrain wasn’t selected for jury duty that day. Otherwise, we would have expected concrete numbers. The real question is, could he have made as many word searches as he solved in five hours?

Pro tip to all of you sci-fi writers out there.

Us, too, @_theMadre.
Once you’ve made or solved a word search at My Word Search, don’t forget to share it on Twitter! It’s a great way to share your creation and challenge friends to see who can solve them first. Then, follow us for more great tweets about word searches. And of course, this post would be incomplete without a word search about Twitter. So enjoy!



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